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Humble Beginning: Design & Business

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

The concept of Design Business is simple enough, you are a Business that design certain things like website, interior, print, etc. But now-a-days, there's so much things to consider, so many choices and even more diy platforms. It seem like anyone with the proper education, the time, and the commitment, can succeed. TL:DR, we start our journey with that in mind, nothing but wits and wills. #TLDR

Proper Education, in Design

We both got our BFA in Communication Design at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. At Pratt not only did we just learn the technical skills to make contents, but more important we exposed to the concept and culture of art and design. Like many who chose this career path, we did it out of the passion and enjoyment of creating beautiful and meaningful things.

First we got our self a domain and website. We went with a cloud based web development platform like Wix.

Plan it Out, your Business

Now comes the hard part for art and design graduates like us, who little to no business class. How the heck do we run and operate a business? Sure... there are the obvious things like: come up with a name, register it, design a logo, get a bank account... and so on. But then, what about things that's not very obvious such as: how to quote, how to find client, do I get an office, how much to spend on various things, so on and so forth. To be honest, just going with how things go did get us to a certain point, but not far. At some point, we find it somewhat comforting and even fulfilling to do some research and plan them out; like many things in Life.

And finally of course... comes the fun things. Like keeping up with social media, create marketing for ourselves, make cool prints and contents for website and blogs. All while enjoy what we love, To Create.

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