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Using Plants in Photography

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

I really enjoy seeing a nice looking plant as a backdrop or prop in a product "Hero Shots" (styled product photos, often shown on the homepage of a website). The way the scene is styled really adds to the environment and conveys a feeling of hospitality. No matter the shape of the plant, the size, is blur or not, you can tell what it is. Now a days, you can find affordable artificial plants in stores and online.

Have a go at it ?

During our product shooting session for one of our client @luvteaofficial, we tried out placing artificial plant into our shot. We actually find these plant really versatile in it's usage and application within the composition. You can go topview, angled, perspective frontal, closeup, far away, etc.

Keep in Mind:

that if this for a client or a certain brand; to look at the colors of the brand when sourcing and looking for props. What is the feel of it, and what are you trying to sell? Ultimately, the brand comes before the aesthetic of the image.

But.. if you just want to play around with the plant prop like us or use it on personal Instagram feed, we tried a few shots like...

  1. Closeup shot, top view with parts of it out of the frame.

  2. Closeup frontal shot of the bottom half out of the frame.

  3. Frontal angled shot of it partially behind the main subject.

  4. Perspective shot with it and other props laid out in a orderly way.

  5. Closeup or far away shot with it blurred out.

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