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Experiencing: The Manhattanhenge

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

The wondrous Manhattanhenge, a homage to England's Stonehenge, where the setting sun aligns perfectly with the Manhattan street grid. This happens twice a year, and some how I've never heard of it despite living in New York for almost all of my life. Last Thursday, I've finally decided to see what the fuss was all about and... it was #notworth ????


You can still get some pretty sweet photos, for Instagram and what not. But if you are looking to nab yourself one of those super dramatic lighting shots, then... you would probably need to put some effort into it. We spoke to some of the photographers there, they've grab their spot at least 5+ hours before the predicted time of occurrence.

Aside from the obvious view of the Henge, the sight of cars and people on the street was, if not more fascinating to see. The exaggeration of the light plus the chaotic street scene gives it a feel of some world ending event occurring, similar to many movies plots.

But Still....

Here are just a few of the "no worth" things that you run into:

  • People lifting their camera and/or phone making it hard to get a good shot.

  • Chaotic traffic if you decides to drive or take it from the street.

  • Scenic spots are over crowed, since everyone's looking for the sweet spot

Overall, this seem more like a workout than... a nice relaxing... sightseeing...thing, which is what I had in mind. First you got people slowly cramming toward each other, making it really uncomfortable. To add on top of that, you got got tiptoe if you want to get any decent picture, which is made drastically harder when everyone is lifting their phone and camera up into the air.

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